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PWR-120 Power Amplifier
Guitar tube power amplifier PWR-120 20W.
This single-rackspace power amplifier provides 20 watts with one channel.
Front Panel:

POWER/ON - on/off switch.
POWER LED - power indicator (blue light).
STANDBY LED - anode current indicator (green light).
STANDBY/ON - anode current switch.
VOLUME - controls the entire playing level.
PRESENCE - controls highest frequency components.
PENTODE|TRIODE - switch for changing output tube's mode.
Rear Panel:

220VAC - jack for connecting power (cord is included).
INPUT - jack for connecting guitar.
4 Ohms, 8 Ohms and 16 Ohms - output jacks for connecting cabinets with 4 Ohms, 8 Ohms and 16 Ohms impendance respectively.
LINE OUT - output jack with line-level signal.
Type and purpose of tubes:

1 x 12AX7WC tube in preamp.
1 x 12AT7EH tube for phase inverter.
2 x 6V6 tubes in poweramp section.

This poweramp has push-pull output stage based on two pentode 6V6 and works in AB Class (you could change mode - pentode/triode).
Available options:

• changing poweramp tubes from 6V6 to EL84.

Size: - 482.6mm W x 44.0mm H x 301,5mm D.

Weight: - 7 kg.

It's available to use this power amp with both guitar and bass guitar (you need pre-amplifier accordingly).
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