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DP-13 Tube Pre-amplifier
DP-13 is a thee-channel tube guitar preamplifier, designed on five 12AX7. It takes only 1-rack space (1U), which makes it very portable, but in spite of its “small package” it provides the tone and versatility of a big amp and you can use it both for Studio and Stage. DP-13 is able to produce a great tonal range that would help you to get your own unique sound.
All-tube bias section (5x12AX7) with the possibility of replacing your power tubes by tubes of other manufacturers separately for clean and overdriven tone.

Three Independent channels, each channel is equipped with independent Gain, Master Volume and EQ controls:

CH-1 CLEAN - clean channel – produces a wide array of crystal clear yet complex clean sounds. When the channel’s Gain control is cranked up, a beautiful bluesy solo sound is possible. Turning the Gain down is more suitable for fingering.
CH-2 LEAD 1 - this channel makes a perfect match for Hard Rocker or Classic Rock fan. It easyly gives a great sound for AC/DC riffs. Set low Gain on this channel and you will get that familiar Crunch with its clarity and saturation. With the Gain cranked all the way up it is able to provide a very fat heavy rhythm tone, which would sound quite saturated through the mix. So wide range of possible settings would be sufficient for any of your choice: from solo to spiky brutal riffs. You can also use it in conjunction with pedals (for example Ibanez Tube Screamer).
CH-3 LEAD 2 - the main feature of this Channel is than Gain knob regulates the sound from crystal clear to extremely overdriven. And even with the highest Gain set the tone doesn’t lose its articulation and density. This channel is really very versatile: the tone can be soft and flexible while also providing possibility of a thick cutting distorted sound. Crank the Gain to 3 o’clock and get the heaviest sound ever possible. Turn it to 12 o‘clock and Classic rock would be “grateful” to you for new ideas, inspired by the sound of this channel.
Tube FX LOOP can be switched from series to parallel (SERIES / PARALLEL) with the switch on rear panel (FX ON / FX OFF) separately for each channel (CLEAN / LEAD). It also can be controlled by two-button Foot Switch, which is connected with pre-amp via FSW LOOP jack on rear panel.
Instrument Input Jack is located on the Rear panel for easier commutation in rack.
PHONES - specialized headphones output.

POWER AMP - specialized output for connecting with Power Amplifier Input (as a pre-amp).

LINE OUT - output for connecting the amplifier's instrument input, amplifier’s RETURN jack or Power Amplifier Input (as a pre-amp).

REC OUT - Mono Output to a recording console or a live Mixing Board.

COVER PLATE - removable cover to protect the vacuum tubes from mechanical damage.
Size: - 482.6mm W x 44.0mm H x 185.0mm D.

Weight: - 4,1 kg.

Footswitch R&R FS-32
* Two-button Channel Footswitch R&R FS-32 is included.
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